LWN 300 PM

The LWN 300 PM (PowerMill) is a CNC milling center that serves especially to process oil pump rotors. The highest level of precision is needed when producing oil pump rotors in order to constantly achieve high performance. Disc milling and self-generating milling are united in this one machine, which leads to better geometries and increases the surface quality of the rotors at the same time.

This flexible machine has the winning combination of quick set-up (milling tool change in < 10 minutes), very good accessibility, bilateral tool mounting for high-quality profiles and surfaces as well as high drive power on the milling drum for short machining times.

Technical details

Workpiece diameter 25 - 220 mm
Work piece length Customizable up to 8,000 mm maximum
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 12,650 x 2,640 x 2,900 mm
Weight approx. 45,000 kg
Capacity 22 kW

Production of high precision oil pump rotors

Areas of application for this machine

Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH