End finishing tools

With Leistritz end finishing tools, the ends of axially symmetric work pieces can be faced, chamfered, centered and turned in only one working step. They can be used in all end finishing machines, machining units, multi-spindle machines, automatic revolving transfer lathes and CNC lathes.
The advantages of this flexible Leistritz tool in the modular system are: With standard tools, it is possible to complete up to five operations in one step. Moreover, special and combination holders also increase the number of operations. Because they can be set radially, an array of work piece diameters can be processed with the same tool. Another benefit is the fact that our tools can be adapted to every machine.

Tool diameter/Workpiece diameter

Tool Ø Workpiece Ø
45 mm 0 - 20 mm
65 mm 0 - 40 mm
102 mm 0 - 50 mm
120 mm 0 - 70 mm
140 mm 0 - 90 mm

The flexible modular system allows for the use of this tool in many fields of application. The modular setup, the high durability, and the specialized nature of this tool can process even the most difficult geometries – which are all factors in our favor. 

End finishing in action

Customized tools

Special tools with exchangeable form inserts for economical profile turning during the end machining phase with complex contours or form inserts for extreme internal chamfer, for example for piston pins

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