Flat form tools

As the inventors of the flat form changing system, Leistritz provides solutions for all common multi-spindle lathes, single-spindle lathes, sliding headstock lathes, fixed headstock lathes, automatic revolving transfer machines as well as for CNC lathes – no matter whether for internal or external machining (profile grooving, contour turning, contour drilling, chasing, calibrating, polygon turning, gear shaping). We also produce and design customized holders (also with coolant feed).

The flat form tool system is characterized by a ground insert seat with a fixing pin.

Functional principle: Flat form tool


  • Using state of the art grinding centers, the inserts are profile ground, the contours designed with the pin in the middle.
  • The fixing pin in the holder in combination with the precise fixing groove ground into the insert guarantees a high level of repeating accuracy when changing inserts.
  • The holder can remain in the machine while changing inserts.

Functional principle: Form drills

Our delivery range:

Inserts 6 – 60 mm insert width
Shaft holder W: 6 - 60 mm; H: 10 - 32 mm
Dovetail holder A20/A22/A28/A40/A50
Block holder B25 / B42

"Cool" ideas for multi-spindle machines

The new calibration holders are an interesting innovation. They fulfil the wish of many users for even shorter set-up times with higher changeover accuracy. The very compact design of the two-piece calibration holders allows them to be used even for small components. The holders are available in screwed and clamped versions and allow the use of inexpensive exchangeable plates in contrast to cost-intensive solid carbide inserts.



The multi-spindle solutions are supplemented by new internally cooled tool holders in the Leistritz range: holders are designed with individual coolant connections and thus achieve significantly longer tool life of the plate through selective coolant supply to the cutting edge. The holder is a unique cost factor that provides long-term tool life increase and thus increased tool efficiency.

With a 10 mm triangular plate in the new tool holder, it is an interesting "all-purpose weapon" for long-term cost-efficient production for all production experts who count on sharp pencils and appreciate maximum productivity.

We design and produce customized tools that fit both your needs and your machines. Please ask us about these or request a visit from our field staff.

If you need it fast!

Use our express service! Flat form inserts in 48 hours* if we have already produced them for you.

*without coating

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Markus Fuchs Manager Internal Sales Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH
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