Spare Parts Service

If things need to be done quickly, we will find a solution that suits you.

Our spare parts specialists assist you professionally and competently in the selection of the relevant components and take care of a fast and reliable delivery.

For our spare parts we guarantee the same quality standard as for the first delivery.

Increase your machine availability.

Spare parts packages tailored to your needs can drastically reduce downtime and increase your machine availability. Short-term repairs or independent installation become possible.

On request, we will gladly provide time- and function-critical spare parts for your individual needs. Our specialists advise you personally on the selection of suitable spare parts packages.

With us you benefit from:

  • Professional and competent advice
  • Reliable and fast processing
  • Original spare parts
  • Spare-parts packages
  • Delivery worldwide

Replacing the safety glass

In particular during the setting process of a CNC machine or when starting up in production, the operators look very closely through the glass. This serves as a viewing window and also as protection. Finally, it usually retains chips, fragments or cooling lubricants splashing out during machine operation. If the glass is too old or already brittle, it must bereplaced. Tip: In the safety glass of your Leistritz machine, a stamp is incorporated that gives information about the year of production. If it is more than eight years old, we should replace it immediately.

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