Regrinding and coating service

Regrinding drills and milling cutters

Increase the longevity of your tools with the Leistritz regrinding service. Regrinding early enough brings a substantial cost-benefit advantage. Whether the issue is everyday wear or damage to the miller or drill, be sure to use our regrinding service.

Flat form inserts/profile cutting inserts

We combine inserts with the same profile, group them according to the height of the wear mark and grind them to have the same point height in which case you would benefit from low setup costs. A further advantage of this service is that the holder only has to be adjusted for height inside the machine only once.

Coating service

It is also possible to have reground tools coated at Leistritz. Using our service guarantees that the original cutting geometry - e.g. clearance and cutting angle, measuring processes for the cutting edges - as well as the specified coating are preserved. For our customers this means consistent quality and durability!

Address for delivering your tools:

Leistritz Produktionstechnik GmbH
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