In order to be used in the most optimum and reliable way, tools in high demand need adequate maintenance. With the Leistritz tools service we ensure that your tool stays operational.

Process optimization

Take advantage of our vast experience in the area of tool design and production. Our experienced application team is looking forward to advise you and work with you to select the right tools, including the sequence of operations with possible cutting conditions, the selection of adequate cutting geometries with the corresponding cutting edges for improving the work piece surfaces, durability and reduced cycle time. Minimize your tool and manufacturing expenses!

Bernhard Vater

Head of Profil Center Pleystein
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Reconditioning of work rest blades

Work rest blades are subject to rough and harsh application conditions. Professional maintenance is therefore indispensable. In this area we provide two types of service: Regrinding and partial/ total refitting.

Work rest blades: Regrinding

Because of high work piece throughput rates, grinding pressure and abrasive pieces in the grinding emulsion, it is inevitable that the work rest blades will wear. When work rest blades have been run down, the wear - which manifests itself as a crease in the carbide, must be ground out.

The carbide is ground appropriately for the wear mark. Carbide eruptions can also be ground out here. To ensure parallelism (in the version with a sole) the blade sole is ground as well.

Work rest blades: Partial and total tipping

Taking the overall condition of the work rest blade into consideration, an assessment is made on whether partial or total tipping is necessary. In this process, old carbide is unsoldered, the carbide insert seat is remilled and cleaned and new carbide is soldered on. After this, the work rest blade is completely reground. The user receives an original equipment quality work rest blade that is as good as new.

And if you need it fast:
Use our express service! Repair and regrinding within only 5 working days!

Alexandra Reichl

Customer Service
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Regrinding and coating service

Regrinding drills and milling cutters

Increase the longevity of your tools with the Leistritz regrinding service. Regrinding early enough brings a substantial cost-benefit advantage. Whether the issue is everyday wear or damage to the miller or drill, be sure to use our regrinding service.

Flat form inserts/ profile cutting inserts

We combine inserts with the same profile, group them according to the height of the wear mark and grind them to have the same point height in which case you would benefit from low setup costs. A further advantage of this service is that the holder only has to be adjusted for height inside the machine only once.

Coating service

It is also possible to have reground tools coated at Leistritz. Using our service guarantees that the original cutting geometry - e.g. clearance and cutting angle, measuring processes for the cutting edges - as well as the specified coating are preserved. For our customers this means consistent quality and durability!

Levent Birol

Customer Service
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